(Year 7 to Year 12)

Students are awarded pockets embroidered onto their blazers as an acknowledgement of sustained performance and commitment to representing MLC School.


MLC School awards pockets to students in recognition of:

  • Sustained commitment and service
  • Demonstration of leadership or ambassadorship
  • Significant success
  • Demonstration of excellence

across the range of activities included in MLC School’s co-curricular program.

In this context, a pocket is a line of coloured embroidered text on a student’s school blazer referencing the activity or achievement for which the pocket has been awarded (for example, ‘Wakakirri State Finalist 2020’, ‘Music 2020’ or ‘IGSA Swimming 2020’). Pockets are available in six colours, each of which represents varying outcomes and levels of achievement.


Students can be awarded pockets from the range of co-curricular programs offered at MLC School.


Pockets can be awarded to students from Year 7 to Year 12 only. Not all groups are eligible to receive all colours in all programs. The Light Blue Pocket for sustained commitment begins from Year 7.

Pockets are awarded in Light Blue, White, Grey, Pink, Red and Gold. Each colour is rewarded based on the definition below.


Sustained commitment/service to a co-curricular program for a minimum of two consecutive years/six terms of sport within a two-year period. Once the Light Blue is initially awarded it can be awarded again in the following year/three terms of sport, as long as the student’s commitment to the program is sustained. This excludes private tuition/lessons.

Demonstration of leadership/ambassadorship within a co-curricular program. This pocket is awarded to students who have assisted in enhancing and growing the stature of their chosen pursuit.

Achievement of significant success in a co-curricular activity whilst representing MLC School.

Representation on an Independent Girls’ School Association (IGSA) team.

Achievement of an exemplary level of performance in a co-curricular activity at state or equivalent level. 

Demonstration of outstanding commitment, leadership and excellence in a co-curricular activity across a number of years to be awarded at the end of Year 11, and/or national representation in an activity.

Getting Pockets Embroidered

The embroidery of pockets can be arranged through the MLC School Uniform Shop.

1 to 3 pockets: $10 per line
4 to 6 pockets:
$40 (on one garment)

The following options are available for pocket payments:

  1. Exact cash in an enclosed envelope
  2. Cheque in an enclosed envelope made payable to Embroid You
  3. Direct bank transfer to:
    Account Name: SW and DM Quarmby
    BSB: 082 268
    Account Number: 459990634

Please note, there is no EFTPOS option for pocket payments.

Students must deliver the following items to the Uniform Shop by 1pm on a Friday to have their blazer ready for collection after 1pm on Tuesday:

  1. An MLC School Pocket Authorisation form
  2. Copy of email confirmation of pockets awarded
  3. Completed payment option
  4. Blazer