Kindergarten to Year 12

MLC School’s co-curricular sports program offers 19 different sports catering to students from beginner through to elite level. Our programs focus on teaching fundamental skills in a variety of sports, while instilling the values of discipline, teamwork, respect, integrity and fair play. 

MLC School has a proud tradition of pursuing personal excellence through sport. The foundations for achieving success through our sports programs include:

  • Quality coaches and organised, purposeful programs
  • Each student embracing and living the MLC School sport culture
  • A positive learning environment to develop both their aptitude and self confidence
  • Developing leadership skills and being role models for other students
  • Developing life skills of teamwork, goal setting, resilience and personal accountability

At MLC School there is a strong focus on coaching and programs. We are constantly seeking the recruitment of appropriately qualified coaches with the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to build a fun team environment, develop sound fundamental skills, increase fitness levels and achieve success.

In a school renowned for its pursuit of excellence and integrity, it is an expectation that students and teams present themselves as follows, with the active support of their parents.

  • Fully committed to training and games
  • Demonstrate the ideals of fair play
  • Be fearless and courageous in training and competition
  • Win with grace and lose with dignity
  • Be respectful of themselves, coaches, teammates, opposition and officials
  • Be disciplined and demonstrate self-control
  • Be united as a team, demonstrating tolerance and care for each other
  • Be exemplary in dress and behaviour

While sport is not compulsory, parents/carers are strongly encouraged to support their daughters in trying a variety of sports when they enrol at MLC School. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in team sports throughout the year.

From 2022, the Sports department is excited to introduce the Nicole Horton Spirit of Sport pin. This pin is presented to Year 7 students who participate in four terms of sport and embody the true spirit of sport, i.e. commitment, service, effort, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. 

Each term, parents/carers are emailed with the information for the upcoming sports letting them know that the registration process is open and directing them to complete the process. Registration fees are paid up front and generally include entry fee, insurance fee, coaching costs and equipment costs. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Once registered, students will attend grading sessions to ensure they are placed in the most appropriate team for their skill level. The number of teams MLC School enters into a competition is usually determined prior to the grading process. For this reason, it is not always possible to accommodate students in teams if they have missed the registration window. In some instances, grading may occur on a Saturday.

Registration links also appear in the MLC School newsletter each week, in the Sports Update section, if the registration for that sport is still open.

Grading occurs for co-curricular sports to enable staff to place students in teams according to their skill level.

Everyone that registers for a co-curricular sport is placed in a team. It is MLC School policy that teams are formed based on skill level and not for transport or social reasons.

Trials are held for representative teams that will compete in tournaments. For this reason, not every student that trials will be successful in gaining a place in a representative team.


These guidelines are in place to provide selectors, players and parents with an understanding of how the MLC School sports teams are selected. These guidelines cover both grading and representative trials.

  • A maximum of three selectors will be involved in the representative selection process.
  • The Director of Sport, or an appointed representative will convene the selection/grading process.
  • The Director of Sport may assist in the selections if required.
  • An external selector may be used during the selection process.
  • Wherever possible, the Head Coach of the sport will be a selector on each Panel.

Players must be registered to play the sport to be considered for team placement. If the selection is for a representative team, players should have completed the expression of interest form to trial.

The number of teams MLC School enters into a competition is usually determined prior to the grading process. For this reason, it is not always possible to accommodate students in teams if they have missed the registration window.

In addition, the following criteria will apply when selecting players for MLC School teams:

  • Attendance and performance at trials – all players must attend trials. Exemptions may be granted to those players who have sought prior approval from the Director of Sport. Exemptions may include, but are not limited to the following: injury, illness, absence due to MLC School excursions and/or representative commitments. A player who has been given approval to miss a trial may be required to attend another trial at a different level at a later date, a factor that will be taken into consideration by selectors.
  • Selectors will endeavour to place all players in teams at the highest level those players are capable of playing in.
  • Any other factor deemed appropriate by the selectors and approved by the Director of Sport that may include, but is not limited to the performance, attitude and commitment demonstrated by a player to their previous season.

(may vary slightly depending on the sport)

  • Body balance – can execute the skills of the game while maintaining their body balance
  • Ball skills (where required)
  • Attacking skills
  • Defensive skills
  • Position-specific skills
  • Game play
  • Attitude – has a positive demeanour on court/field, does not react to umpire/referee calls and/or opponent, demonstrates fair play and abides by the code of conduct.

Registrations will be opened each term for parents to register their daughters. A key consideration in the selection process timeframe will be the deadlines set by the organising body for registration of players and teams and whether a sport is offered across two terms or one term. There will be reminders of the deadline for registrations via Canvas.

The grading/trial dates and times will be listed on the registration page.

Once the grading/trial process is complete, the teams will be emailed to parents and students. The team lists may also be posted on Canvas if required.

Information regarding coach contact details, training days and times will also be included with the team list along with the draw if it has been made available by the organising body.

Non-MLC School attire is not to be worn. Students will be issued with a uniform infringement for incorrect uniform.

When you register a student for a sport, training commitments are compulsory and will involve up to two sessions per week.

Training days are generally in the mornings from 7am–8am.

Occasionally, training may occur in the afternoon. This is usually dependent on coach availability.

MLC School has a NO TRAIN, DON’T EXPECT TO PLAY policy. This means if a student misses training for any reason, they should not expect to get game time during the next scheduled match. The amount of game time given to students after a missed training will be at the coach’s discretion.

It is an expectation that when students are representing MLC School and participating in co-curricular sport, they must wear the uniform that is specific to that sport. These requirements are outlined in the registration information for each sport.

Uniform for training is usually the school PE uniform. Sports specific uniforms are worn for competitions. Girls are required to purchase sports uniforms from the Uniform Shop unless otherwise specified.