Participation in Associated Boys’ School Events

Participation in Associated Boys’ School Events

The aim of this procedure is to provide a clear framework for students to follow when seeking permission to participate in these external events. We also seek to give oversight to MLC School teaching staff to ensure minimal impact on a student’s academic progress as well as other MLC School events.

For the purpose of this procedure an associated boys’ school event is any such event where the boys’ school has approached MLC School for participants or where our School name is publicly associated with our student’s involvement.

This procedure excludes the student’s involvement in non-school related sporting team and performing arts programs.

As a general rule, Year 12 students will not be permitted to participate in external events. Case by case exemption may be granted by the Head of Senior School if the involvement supports a student’s Creativity, Activity, Service component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or work placement hours in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) subject.

Permission will not be granted if the student’s involvement directly conflicts with her participation in other MLC School co-curricular programs or the completion of scheduled assessment tasks.

  1. Submit an application to the Director of Experiential Pedagogy outlining the following:
    • Name of school running the event and contact staff member
    • All dates involved (e.g. rehearsals and performance dates)
    • Your involvement/level of participation
    • Whether or not there is an MLC School event which you could participate in that has similar outcomes
    • Reviewing your assessment schedule to ensure there is no clashes with scheduled assessment tasks
    • How you will manage the time commitment and additional work load
  2. After submission, the Director of Experiential Pedagogy will consult with Head of Senior School and the appropriate Head of Year
  3. The Director of Experiential Pedagogy will contact the applicant via email to inform them the outcome of their application (allow 1–2 weeks for this process)

If the application is successful the student’s parent/carer must supply the Director of Experiential Pedagogy with written consent acknowledging that as it is not an MLC School event with no MLC School staff involved, it may not be conducted to the high standards we expect and any issues are the responsibility of the host school.