Junior School Clubs

Junior School Clubs

Kindergarten to Year 6

Girls at MLC School are encouraged to participate in a wide range of clubs and committees.

Kindergarten to Year 6 Programs

Creative Writing Club (Year 2 to Year 5)

Creative writing workshops are offered to girls who enjoy writing. The six-week course aims to inspire and nourish students to write openly and freely. They are encouraged to think abstractly and are provided with skills and tools to enhance their innate writing potential.


CoordinatorEllen Rhodes
Places available: 16 per Year group
TimeYear 2 to Year 3: Term 4, Friday 7.40am
Year 4 to Year 5: Term 3, Friday 7.40am
Location: Year 4 Studio
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Puzzle and Game Club (Pre-K to Year 2)

Puzzle and Game Club gives girls an opportunity to play a variety of games with their peers. They will learn to take turns, the basic rules of games, maths skills, thinking ahead, actions and consequences, teamwork and being a good sport. Girls are encouraged to bring their favourite game or puzzles in to play, which they can keep in the Studio for the term.


Coordinator: Emily Bryson and Selina Clark
Places available: 20 per session
Time: Tuesday lunchtime
Location: Kindergarten and Year 1 Studio
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

IDEALS Club (Year 5 and Year 6)

Inspired by MLC School’s Round Square membership, the IDEALS Club is a group where students have the opportunity to better understand the world around them through the lens of the six Round Square IDEALS:

    • Internationalism
    • Democracy
    • Environmentalism
    • Adventure
    • Leadership
    • Service


This newly formed Junior School club will see our girls collaborate to unpack and understand issues that we face both locally and globally by capitalising on our connections with other Round Square schools. Our girls will use their newfound understanding to advocate and enact positive change within the School and wider community.


Each term we will view a new topic through the lens of the Round Square Discovery Framework.


Coordinator: Esther Maling
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: To be confirmed
Location: To be confirmed
Enrolment: This club does not require prior enrolment

Jesus and Me (Year 3 to Year 5)

Our Junior School Christian Fellowship group, affectionately known as JAM, is an opportunity for girls to get together to learn about and discuss Jesus and His teachings with friends, food and fun.


Coordinator: Rev Viniana Ravetali
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Thursday lunchtime
Location: To be advised
Enrolment:This is a drop-in club and does not require prior enrolment

Kitchen Garden (Kindergarten to Year 6)

At Kitchen Garden girls learn about plants, their cultivation and which plants grow according to the seasons. They learn how to care for and nurture these plants and herbs, and when and how to harvest them. The produce that the students harvest is sold and the proceeds are donated to a charity of their choice at the end of the year.


Coordinator: Kindergarten to Year 5: Victoria Rouhliadeff and Gina Zucco
Year 6:Michelle Wyatt
Places available: 10 per term
Time: Year 5: Friday lunchtime
Year 6: Monday lunchtime
Location: Kindergarten to Year 5: Junior School Kitchen Garden
Year 6: Year 6 Centre
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Knitting Club (Year 3 to Year 5)

As the weather gets cooler Knitting Club is a great chance to escape the cold and learn a new skill. The girls learn the basics of knitting and work on a simple knitting project. All materials are provided.


Coordinators: Susan Blanche and Andrena Otton
Places available: 20
Time: Term 2 and Term 3 only, Wednesday lunchtime
Location: Year 3 Studio
Cost: There is an additional cost of $15 for materials for this activity, payable by credit/debit card upon enrolment
Enrolment: Enrol via the MLC School Payments Site

Surprisingly Rubbish (Year 3 and Year 4)

Creating exciting projects out of materials that have been discarded as ‘rubbish’ and finding surprisingly new ways to view them. We are going to explore the use and re-use of man-made materials in our environment and how this can improve our sustainability. By turning something deemed ‘rubbish’ into art, we are giving it new life and meaning.

Club will run in Term 1 and Term 3, allowing two different groups of students the opportunity to participate.


Coordinators: Madison Greville 
Places available: 10 (per term)
Time: Thursday 3.30pm–4.30pm
Location: Contact the coordinator
Cost: $15
Enrolment: Enrol via the MLC School Payments Site


Yoga for Kids (Year 3 to Year 4)

Yoga for Kids gives students the opportunity to slow down to learn basic yoga poses and simple breathing exercises. Doing this in a relaxed and non-competitive environment can reduce stress, encourage focus and increase flexibility and strength. Yoga for Kids meets weekly and each session will include breathing exercises, a variety of yoga poses and will end with relaxation.


Coordinator: Andrea Martinez
Places available: 12
Time: Thursday 3.30pm–4.30pm
Year 3 and Year 4: Term 2
Location: Contact the coordinator
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator