Senior School Societies

Senior School Societies

Year 6 to Year 12

Getting involved in a Senior School Society is a great way to find a new interest or deepen an existing passion.

Societies are co-led by both students and teachers to aim to create a safe and collaborative space for students to share ideas. By working with students outside of their peer group they hope to better understand the world around them through the lens of the Round Square IDEALS and Discovery Framework.

Year 6 to Year 12 Societies

Art and Design Society (Year 6 to Year 12)

The Art and Design Society is a passionate group of art and design enthusiasts who meet every Thursday lunchtime to plan art events within the School as well as discuss any current exhibitions outside of school. Two major annual events the committee plans for are MLC School Illuminate, a student-led event which showcases MLC School’s creative talents to the wider community, and Art and Design Week, a five-day celebration of art within MLC School. A flexible committee, we accept anyone, whether or not you are currently studying art and design. The only thing required is a keen interest in design and art.


Coordinator: Caitlin Boyd
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Thursday lunchtime
Location: F72
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Chinese Culture Society (Year 7 to Year 12)

Do you have an interest in learning more about the diverse nature of Chinese culture and traditions? Would you like to be immersed in Chinese culture through a range of activities, such as crafts, games, food, music, calligraphy and more? Then Chinese Culture Society is the place for you.  


The weekly lunchtime session are conducted by the student leadership team, who arrange meetings and activities with the hope of creating a sense of community for both those girls who are studying Mandarin or just have a passion for the culture.


Coordinator: Helena Wang
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Thursday lunchtime
Location: SCG05
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator 

Collective Voice (Year 7 to Year 12)

Collective Voice is a student-run committee focused on exploring social inequality within our community and around the world, particularly regarding women’s issues. We strongly believe in educating and actively supporting equality for women as well as minority groups across the globe. Each week, students come together to examine current political and social issues on a local and global scale, encouraging open-minded and reflective thinking skills. We aim to encourage feminist perspectives and support LGBTQI rights locally and internationally.


Established in 2010, the committee’s initiatives have included advocating for International Women’s DayWear it Purple Day events and the implementation of Q&A @ MLC School, a once-a-term forum allowing students and teachers to debate current affair issues with audience participation. Collective Voice provides a safe, progressive space for students of all backgrounds, cultures, belief systems, sexualities and genders to share and question the big issues that impact the world today.


CoordinatorEmma Hogan
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Thursday lunchtime
Location: SCG03
Enrolment: This is a drop-in club and does not require prior enrolment.
Associated Events: International Women’s Day, Wear It Purple Day, Q&A at MLC School

IDEALS Society (Year 7 to Year 12)

Inspired by MLC School’s Round Square membership, the IDEALS Society is a group where students have the opportunity to better understand the world around them through the lens of the six Round Square IDEALS:

    • Internationalism
    • Democracy
    • Environmentalism
    • Adventure 
    • Leadership
    • Service

This society will see our girls collaborate to unpack and understand issues that we face both locally and globally by capitalising on our connections with other Round Square schools. Our girls will use their newfound understanding to advocate and enact positive change within the School and wider community. 


Each term we will view a new topic through the lens of the Round Square Discovery Framework.


Coordinator: Xavier Maling
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Wednesday lunchtime
Location: Senior Centre Level 3, Collaborative Space
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Japanese Culture Society (Year 6 to Year 12)

Japanese Culture Society has inspiring workshops and activities that relate to various aspects of the Japanese culture. A group of enthusiastic students in a wide range of years come up together and contribute to different projects and fun competitions.


Coordinator: Kentaro Otani
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Friday lunchtime
Location: Contact the coordinator
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Jesus in School Time (Year 6 to Year 12)

Jesus In School Time (JIST) is one of the weekly School ministry programs. This Christian group in Senior School is an invaluable opportunity of inquiry and learning, for girls to explore their faith and spirituality through reflective learning of Scriptures and Biblical Stories. It’s led by students and facilitated by the Chaplains and a few teachers. Students come together over lunch, and are inspired to grow, learn and be encouraged in Christ.


Coordinators: Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Wednesday lunchtime
Location: Contact the coordinators
Enrolment: This is a drop-in club and does not require prior enrolment

Journalism Society (Year 6 to Year 12)

The Journalism Society works towards the publication of The Edge, which is a quarterly digital newspaper run by and for MLC School girls. Our team of editors and reporters create an informative and entertaining publication by investigating the issues that matter most to MLC School students. The paper will also be a place to showcase student’s work and achievements. Each week the team meets to discuss article ideas, write up their latest scoop and edit, plan and design the next issue of The Edge. The team will accept submissions before published deadlines, so every student has the opportunity to be involved.


Coordinator: Danielle Collins
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Wednesday lunchtime
Location: ILC, Level 1
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

Looming Society (Year 6 to Year 12)

This society makes handmade beanies to donate to Hats for Homeless who hand out beanies to homeless people across NSW each winter. We teach you how to use a loom to make a beanie. No prior ability necessary and all supplies are provided. Students from all Year groups are welcome. 


Coordinator: Rev Sally Yabsley-Bell
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Tuesday lunchtime
Location: Senior Centre, Ground Floor
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator

SIGMAs – Student Interest Groups (Year 7 to Year 12)

The Student Interest Groups known as SIGMAs are a way for students to improve their leadership skills, create a collective to share ideas, have fun and make new connections over shared interest or make a change within the School community. Students who propose a SIGMA are expected to lead their initiative with passion and enthusiasm and need the support of a staff mentor. The staff member is to just support you and give you advice.


MLC School girls are encouraged and empowered to investigate deeper, be collegial and inspire others by acting within their community. Groups created as part of the SIGMA program are based on each student’s own areas of interest, guided by the Round Square Discovery Framework. Girls will be able to propose, develop and work collaboratively across peer groups.


Membership Development

Ideally, SIGMA groups will consist of at least two student leaders and up to 10 members and a teacher mentor. Working as a group member or manager, SIGMA will broaden the opportunities offered to our students to develop the character attributes essential for life beyond MLC School.


Proposal Phase

Potential SIGMA leaders and their team are required to complete a proposal form that is available from the Director of Experiential Pedagogy or via this link.


As part of the proposal, students are required to provide the rationale, list the resources and requirements needed to run their SIGMA, as well as have a teacher mentor. The proposal will be reviewed by the Round Square Leadership team and executive teachers.


A group is invited to nominate their duration, commencing from a term to a year. With opportunities for review to continue into another period of time.


Contact Blake Fatouros and the Round Square Captain for more information

STEAM Society (Year 7 to Year 12)

STEAM Society is for students who have interest in any of the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or application of Art and Design.


STEAM Society provides a range of opportunities and activities to combine knowledge and interest in STEAM subject areas to complete a variety of hands-on activities, investigations, projects and competitions. STEAM Society also offers opportunities to explore careers in STEAM-related areas and improve skills in team-building and leadership.


The Society is student-led and the projects are inquiry based. Students can work on projects that suit their interests and aptitudes. Projects are a combination of long-term, ongoing and stand alone for those who are new to these types of activities. Most importantly, the projects are fun, allowing students to explore STEAM subjects in innovative and inventive ways outside the curriculum. If you enjoy learning-by-doing, projects, tinkering, seeing how stuff works or making stuff work – then this group is for you.


Coordinator: Tracy Getts
Places available: Open to all interested students
Time: Thursday lunchtime
Location: Senior Centre, Level 2 (Science labs)
Enrolment: Contact the coordinator